Question: What if I like the design but not the color(s)?

Answer: Not a problem and I promise I don’ take it personally. We can make it any shirt and ink color combination you want. Usually the additional cost for a “custom-custom” shirt is less than four dollars.  Email us at [email protected] with any specific questions.

Question: Can I get my design printed on a shirt?

Answer: Absolutely. In fact, if we decide to use your non copyrighted original design, with your permission of course, your shirt is free.

Question: What is your standard lead time?

Answer: Usually our shirts ship from stock or within a few days. If it is custom, it may take a couple of weeks at most.

How do you ship?    

We utilize USPS Priority Service so we can track your shipment if necessary.

Do you do bulk or wholesale orders?

Absolutely. Because there are so many different situations in terms of style and order quantity, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Is that you on the mailer envelope?

Yes, that is. My marketing guru suggested it to show our products are being designed and offered to our customers by an old guy just like them. A guy who gratefully enjoys the gift of life and can still laugh at himself.

BTW, the mailer envelopes are 100% recycled content created by my wife’s company, www.SalazarPackaging.com That plug was not required but very much appreciated.

Your site name refers to your “gifts” but all I see is tee shirts?

Asked like a true millennial. I appreciate the directness of your generation. My boomer response is “you should never show all your cards at once”. More to come in the days ahead. ????

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